Communities & neighborhoods.  These essential groups give us the structure to experience and grow our lives, make our homes, and build lifelong relationships with others.

Such it is with successful online communities as well.  We may consider ourselves fortunate that in our area of New York many networks of supportive organizations, agencies, and other groups strive to support and further the interests of artists and the overall arts community.  Within all of this, however, it became apparent that there was a regional need for online and  direct mechanisms for artist-to-artist communications and relationship building.

This platform, known as ArtistsFora seeks to fill that gap.  It combines the elements of traditional forum conversations, the ability to visually share and gain input into various creative processes; and a venue for articles of interest written by regional artists and authors. 

This means you!

Online communities such as this differ considerably from other forms of Connect with Social Media‘social media’ in that they are cohesive and focused on a particular set of interests, are more ‘intimate’ as a regional community, and provide customized tools for members to communicate and express their avocation.  They offer the integrated tools to connect with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.  In this, they become the best of all worlds!

The site is now in what is termed ‘late alpha’ of Phase I.  This stage is about bringing together the functional components of forum and content management–and minimal “extras” such as member driven event calendaring and announcements.

Much more is planned as the development moves into a Phase II environment.  This at minimum will eventually include user media gallery functions, live chat features, and the underpinnings of a regional artists/services/venues directory.

At this time, we are seeking ‘early adopters’ who are desirous to join in as founding members–testing various functions and providing suggestions to tailor all aspects of the site for an improved community experience.  To participate, simply join and begin using the features. 

This exciting experiment in artists community for the Finger Lakes & Southern Tier regions of New York State begins!  We invite you to join with us and become a part of building our new community!

ArtistsFora--Make Art Happen